An online tutoring platform for young adults

Tyro is an online tutoring platform for young adults who want to learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

My Role
UX Research
UI Design

8 weeks

Problem Discovery

Tutor Orial (Tyro’s original name) launched their online flow about a year ago and have very low completion rates. They have gotten a lot of complaints and bad social media reviews about how confusing the process is. The business is struggling and many tutors want to leave because they are not seeing enough clients.

With this problem in mind, I conducted a heuristic analysis and an adjacent industry audit to find areas that need improvement. 

Key Insights

︎︎︎Sign up flow has a lack of information and doesn’t allow for the user to move seamlessly through the process.

︎︎︎Branding isn’t attracting the target audience.

Solution - Make the flow intuitive and flexible

Flow Options

Flow 1 - Optimized

Flow 2 - Personalized


After creating two mid fidelity prototypes and conducting user tests, we concluded that users prefer an optimized experience over a personalized one.

Result ︎︎︎TYRO

This high fidelity prototype allows users to:

︎︎︎ Browse tutors by their subject of preference
︎︎︎ Filter options including: education level,  availability, platform, session length and price range. 
︎︎︎ Sign up throughout the whole flow 
︎︎︎ Option to get a tutoring session as a guest


  • The heuristic analysis in addition to the adjacent industry audit allowed us to discover the main problems with the original flow.
  • Given more time, I would’ve thought about the responsiveness of the flow and how it would work on mobile devices.