Menú Familiar

3 generations of Costa Rican family meals

My Role
UI Designer

3 weeks

“Menú Familiar” shows food-related memories of 3 generations of Costa Rican women. It is an experimental project that shifts between two states (digital + print) using media queries.

I interviewed my grandmother, mom, and sister, asking them questions like: “What is your first memory related to food?” or “What are your best food-related memories?.” They all had multiple answers per question, but most importantly, they all had specific experiences that went hand in hand with the food they were describing and how significant it is to them.

Each meal is represented by an illustration and a description, like a generic recipe card. However, the description has instructions on how to experience the meal instead of how to prepare it. This project, in its digital format, works as an archive of family memories to which more and more can be added through time.

The print version was made with my Tita (grandmother) in mind, she doesn’t own a computer and would only be able to view this digital product if it is printed. When clicking command+p, three letter-sized sheets of paper display the 15 cards ready to be printed (double-sided) and cut into index cards that resemble traditional recipe cards.