Instagram Activities

A proposed new feature for Instagram that encourages IRL connections.

My Role
Graphic Designer
UX Research
UI Design

8 weeks

Ashley Zhang

Problem Discovery

Instagram users are spending too much time on the app and feel bad about it.
Through 12 semi structured interviews with people ages 20-27 we noticed a consistent negative sentiment towards the addictiveness of the app. All of the interviewees considered spending less time on IG to be a good thing, and were happy if their screen time was less than they guessed.

Key Insights

︎︎︎ Interaction with Close Friends

Interviewees like to share posts with their close friends/acquaintances and also see what they are up to. They feel like being visible on instagram makes irl connections more likely to happen.

︎︎︎ Desire for In Real Life Activities

The interviewees already use Instagram to find new restaurants, businesses and events, but would like if there was an option to commit to these activities using the app like allowing to make reservations or purchasing.

Design Challenge

How might we encourage IRL connections and activities using instagram?

Solution - Instagram Activities

Instagram Activities allows users to browse and book different activities nearby. With this feature they can also create and get invited to private events.

Personalized Search

The dashboard displays activities by category (food, pop- ups, concerts). Users can use the search bar to look for specific activities, in this case the user is looking to eat some pizza. The user can view results in a list or map form.

Private Events

Users are able to create their own private events and invite their friends. They can also receive invitations from their friends and accept/confirm attendance.  

Making a Reservation

They can browse through different restaurants and make reservations based on availability. Users have the option to invite friends, share the event in their story and get reminders on their planned activities.


Feed View

Users can also make reservations while scrolling through their feed. They can simply click on a tagged location and view the restaurant details and availability.

Booking a Concert

Once the users are in the activities tab, they can select which activities they want to do. For instance, if they want to go to a concert they can browse through the “Concerts” category and select the concert they want to attend. They can explore the venue details and even purchase their tickets within the app.

Profile View

In their profiles each user has a tab with “Saved Places” and “Saved Events” showing their upcoming events as well as the ones they’ve attended in the past. The user can decide if they want to display this information in their public profile, only to their close friends or make it completely private.

Next Steps

Given more time, we would’ve conducted user testing on the prototype to see if Instagram users find the flows intuitive and useful. We would’ve also explored additional features like matching friends to do activities with, having shared calendars and a close friends map.

We also acknowledge that this feature could potentially be used to promote gatherings of hate groups. This would be a major misuse of the feature and we would delve into finding efficient ways to prevent it.