Actually Curious

The conversation game that builds trust and empathy.

My Role
Art Director
Packaging Designer

3 months

Actually Curious is a card game that aims to spread empathy while bringing people together. The game has four editions so far: Curiosity, Happy Hour, Culture and Human Rights. Each one consists of 53 cards inscribed with illustrations that subtly depict the action of eyes opening.

Press: New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Hypebae, Refinery 29, Apartment Therapy and many more.

  Team: Isabel Hayward, SarahLucia Barbey, Tessa Seidenspinner and Ada Chen

As we developed the game, my priority as the art director and lead designer of the team was to create a concept that lived up to its  mission: creating empathy. The original deck of cards, the Curiosity Edition, has 4 faces on its packaging with each one representing various difficulty levels. The degree to which the eyes on the cards are open corresponds to the level of difficulty.